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Why No Love For RSpec?

bdd rspec rubinius | comments

It’s no secret that I’m a big RSpec fan. Test::Unit feels pretty outdated these days, and none of the other frameworks can yet match the level of BDD goodness you get from RSpec. Throw in that it’s now a mature and stable library, and it seems like a sure bet for all your Ruby specing (or testing, if you like) needs.

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A Taste of the Future

ruby merb thin rspec datamapper | comments

Yesterday I had a chance to tinker around with a new project using Merb, DataMapper, RSpec, and Thin. Merb + Thin means your app serves up pages twice as fast, with half the memory. Merb + DataMapper means your app is threadsafe. RSpec + DataMapper means your tests are completely independent of the database - which means no db:test:prepare step, so the tests run lightning fast and without fragile database dependencies.

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