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Database Versioning

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Migrations bother me.

On one hand, migrations are the best solution we have for the problem of versioning databases. The scope of that problem includes merging schema changes from different developers, applying schema changes to production data, and creating a DRY representation of the schema.

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ActiveRecord Migrations Outside Rails

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To use ActiveRecord’s migrations with Sinatra (or other non-Rails project), add the following to your Rakefile:

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Database URLs

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DataMapper and Sequel both use urls for configuring database connections:

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When serving up an ActiveRecord as resource, you can use options like :only and :except to to_xml. But in most cases, you want the same fields served every time - on create, update, and get. So put the options into the class itself:

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ActiveRecord Setter Overloading

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When overloading an ActiveRecord setter, I’ve often done this:

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