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I’ve moved my comments to Disqus. This is a great service, incredibly easy to integrate (cut and paste two html/javascript snippets), with a simple and attractive UI. It also doesn’t hurt that its founders Jason and Daniel play a mean hand of poker, and that Jason helped me import my historical comments from an XML file.

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Acquisition/Investment vs. Bootstrapping

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Everyone loves a good flamewar between opinionated, respected internet personalities. So like everyone else, I pulled up my chair and got out the popcorn when Paul Graham and David Heinemeier Hansson started going at it. Watching these titans hurl boulders at each other is guaranteed to be a good show.

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The Startup Curve

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PG drew this on the whiteboard at the last dinner of our Y Combinator session:

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Y Combinator

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The winter 2008 session of Y Combinator is just about wrapped up. What a great experience. If you’re thinking of applying to the upcoming session but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, let me assure you: it is.

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Startup School

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If you’re a hacker that has thought about (but not yet attempted) creating your own startup, you might want to think about attending Startup School in April. It’s in the Silicon Valley area, but even if you’re not local, the list of speakers may be worth the trip. I’ve heard most of these guys speak at some time or another and each of them had extremely valuable wisdom to share.