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Value-Creating Activities

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Inspired by the lean manufacturing revolution (and excellent books like Lean Thinking), I started with a first fundamental question: in a startup, what activities are value-creating and which are waste? Usually, new projects are measured and held accountable to milestones and deadlines. When a project is on track, on time, and on budget, our intuition is that it is being well managed. This intuition is dead wrong.

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A company with a culture of quitting does not have ex-employees; they have alumni. This is far more than a semantic distinction. An alumni relationship is positive; something that people can take pride in; and one that keeps the door open for further opportunities on both ends.

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Meetings, Roles, and No

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Michael Lopp writes about his evolution from a developer into a manager of developers. Lots of good stuff here. For example, on meetings:

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Close to the Problem

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The best solutions tend to come from people or organizations that are close to the problem. This is true for any complex system: companies, government, and software.

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Implementation, Authority, Responsibility

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Agile methodology types often tell the story of the chicken and the pig. This allegory highlights a symptom of a much larger problem: that many managers do not know how to effectively delegate.

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