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Github vs Sourceforge

git opensource | comments

Alan Gutierrez compares Sourceforge and Github. In short: Sourceforge is for projects, while Github is a place to put your code. It doesn’t have to be a full project. It doesn’t have to work. It’s just a way to share your code with other hackers who might be interested. And they can fork it and start collaborating.

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Undo Last Commit

git | comments

My new favorite git command:

$ git reset --soft HEAD^

This pulls out your most recent commit, putting the changes back into your working tree. It’s exactly like an undo button for whatever you just committed.


Rebasing is Editing Commits

git | comments

Rebase is one of Git’s most alluring and yet most difficult-to-comprehend features. Rebasing is editing commits. When you rebase, you’re rewriting history.

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Git Submodule

git | comments

Git submodules are pretty cool, except for kind of sucking. Things I don’t recommend doing if you value your sanity:

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More Git Techniques

git | comments

In the spirit of Graeme Mathieson’s git techniques, here are a few of my favorites, with their svn equivalents for reference.

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Loose Whitespace Annoys Me

ux git | comments

It tickles me to death that Git highlights loose whitespace in red.

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ruby git | comments

git-wiki is a wiki written in less than 200 lines of code using Sinatra as the web framework and Git as the database. Quite clever. Check out how they store the CSS at the end of the file using __END__ - a Ruby trick I was previously unawrae of.


Changesets, Not Snapshots

revisioncontrol git | comments

It seems that Git fever is going around.

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Forking Rails

rails git | comments

For a while, everything that we did in Heroku to extend the functionality of Rails, or interoperate with it, has been done through extension mechanisms. Monkeypatching via plugins, use of the somewhat obscure Mongrel GemPlugin, and tweaking of the user’s Rails app files directly. (We try to avoid that last one whenever possible. Early on we did a lot of it, but more recently we’ve managed to avoid it almost entirely, much to my relief.)

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I Git It

revisioncontrol git | comments

I’ve been sold on the concept of distributed revision control systems ever since Simon Michael showed me Darcs a year ago. But I’ve been slow to adopt it for any real use. Part of the reason for this was that I wasn’t super-happy with the implementations available, although there are quite a few. Darcs certainly seemed like the best of the bunch, but it never felt quite right to me. Besides being sluggish, it relies on tons of interactive prompting - which is not the sort of UX I look for in a command-line tool.

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