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Pony Rides Again

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Pony is a little project I started a year ago for quickly and simply sending mail from Ruby. The project showed a lot of promise, and many people were excited about it (as you can tell by the 30+ forks on Github); but I never found the time to take it to its full fruition.

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Ambient Intimacy

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Reading email is fun, but responding to email is work. Each new email that appears in one’s inbox carries with it conflicting feelings of excitement (breaking news!) and dread (obligation to respond).

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Push Systems vs Pull Systems

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What does phone telemarketing, email spam, junk postal mail, and credit card fraud all have in common?

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Email Stamps to Solve Spam

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David Friedman proposes a solution to spam in chapter 6 of Future Imperfect. His approach combines a type of private currency market (which tickles the economist in me) with the powerful tool of asymmetric key cryptography (a massively underutilized technology, if ever there was one):

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Pony, The Express Way To Send Email From Ruby

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Want to fire off a quick email from your Ruby script? Finding ActionMailer to be overkill, but Net::SMTP to be…um, underkill? Envious of PHP’s mail(), which sends an email with a single function call?

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