Salivation, Espresso Machines, and Tears


Wed Mar 17 20:39:11 -0700 2010

Normally I’m not much for farewell posts (they’re metaposts, which I don’t like in general), but Joel Spolsky's pseudo-retirement shows a self-aware sense of humor that I respect:

What I am stopping is the traditional opinionated essay that has characterized Joel on Software for a decade. I’m not going to write Ten Ways to Get VCs to Salivate, I’m not going to write Why You Have To Buy a $10,000 Italian Espresso Machine for your Programmers, and I’m not going to write Python is For Aspergers Geeks or Ruby is for Tear-streaked Emo Teenagers. After a decade of this, the whole genre of Hacker News fodder is just too boring to me personally. It’s still a great format… the rest of you, knock yourselves out… I just can’t keep doing that particular thing.