RubyFoo, QCon


Wed Sep 09 11:24:58 -0700 2009

This year I decided to go really light on my speaking iternerary - travel and slides prep is really time consuming, and I wanted to focus on things closer to home. Plus, three (!) talks at Railsconf kinda burned me out right at the start of conference season. But I’ve got a few event in the queue this fall:

  • RubyFoo in London, Oct 2 and 3. I’ll be speaking about Heroku’s internals, one of my favorite subjects. And yeah, they put my picture right next to Matz on the homepage - that good for the ol’ ego.
  • London Geek Night, date TBD (possibly Oct 6).
  • QCon, Nov 18 - 20 in San Francisco. As part of the cloud track, I’ll be championing the emerging best-practice of systems development: transient, shardable, share-nothing resources.