Coming of Age

ruby cloud

Sun Jul 05 17:09:54 -0700 2009

So essentially RoR is a programming language that is only now coming of age. And what struck me at Railsconf was that as a community they are taking cloud computing as a given. This is how you deploy apps. Period.

[…] The Ruby community is essentially skipping traditionally on-premise installed software. The dominant model for RoR application deployment is cloud, with platforms such as Slicehost (now part of Rackspace Cloud), Engine Yard and Heroku. Cloud services such as New Relic, FiveRuns and Scout provide the de facto standard monitoring and management frameworks, and cloud-based GitHub is the standard code version and developer collaboration tool for the RoR generation.

Moreover, training courses and educational books, such as Oreilly’s Learning Rails , use cloud platform Heroku as their standard learning environment. Meaning that a new generation of developers, for whom Ruby is their first or early programming language, are growing up with cloud platforms as a natural part of life, just as my kids are growing up with Google Docs, Wikipedia and smartphones as a natural part of life. Imagine that.

From The Cloud Generation by Geva Perry