The Physical Computing Revolution


Wed May 27 19:03:03 -0700 2009

Greg Borenstein writes about the coming physical computing revolution. He compares it to the personal computer revolution three decades ago:

And after that, there was no stopping them. This new generation of hackers dedicated itself with an almost religious zeal to spreading the idea of computer ownership across the world. They invented the personal computer — a whole industry dedicated to the notion that computers could make life better and work easier for everyone, not just huge institutions. [..]
Today, the world of physical computing closely resembles the personal computer industry circa 1975. We've been around for a few years struggling around the edges with tools and products that were designed, priced, and packaged for serious industry, but we haven't made any money and we haven't moved the world. That's about to change.

The Ardunio is something I’ve been excited about for a few years, and I think Greg has it right: this is a field that is about to go big.