The End Of X


Fri Dec 18 02:05:46 -0800 2009

That’s what I asked myself one day after noticing a bunch of “The End of” headlines. We’ve reached The End of History because the Western liberal democracy is the “end point of humanity’s sociocultural evolution and the final form of human government.” We’ve reached The End of Science because of the “fact that there aren’t going to be any obvious, cataclysmic revolutions.” We’ve even reached The End of Theory because all answers can be found in the continuous stream of data we’re collecting. And doesn’t always seem like we’re at The End of the World?

… if I really don’t think any of those other “end of” ideas are true, then we probably haven’t really reached the end of scaling either. More than likely what we’ve reached is the end of my vision. Time to get my eyes checked.

From Building Super Scalable Systems by High Scalability