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Tue May 27 14:06:00 -0700 2008

Places you’ll find me at Railsconf this year:

  • Giving my talk about custom Nginx modules on Saturday afternoon. The talk has evolved quite a bit since I wrote the description, so expect some broader topics, like why I think HTTP is the critical enabling protocol in the era of Rails and cloud computing.
  • Attending the Heroku product talk, in which we propose why you may never need to think about servers or hosting again. This is inconveniently scheduled immediately before my session talk, so I’ll have to duck out partway through.
  • Signing books along with the other recipe contributors to Mike Clark’s Advanced Rails Recipes at the Powell’s Books booth at the lunch break on Friday.
  • Hanging around our booth, where I intend to hack on Heroku and my open source projects, listen in on Geoffrey Grosenbach's podcast interviews, and meet everyone that stops by. So… stop by! :)